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Meet CREC Educators

Meet crec educators

Get to know CREC educators from each of our schools. In addition to teaching excellence, these educators bring their passions for music, the arts, science, technology and other areas to the classroom, giving students memorable “real world” experiences, in and out of the classroom.

  • Donna Rand
    Donna Rand Glastonbury-East Hartford Elementary Magnet School (PreK-5) more
  • Foday Dumbuya
    Foday Dumbuya Montessori Magnet School (PreK-6) more
  • Joan Hurley
    Joan Hurley University of Hartford Magnet School (PreK-5) more
  • Haia Spiegel
    Haia Spiegel Greater Hartford Academy of Mathematics & Science: Half-Day Program (10-12 in School Year 2016-17) more
  • Wendy Nelson Kauffman
    Wendy Nelson Kauffman Metropolitan Learning Center (6-12) more
  • Janine Chapdelaine
    Janine Chapdelaine University of Hartford Magnet School (PreK-5) more
  • Emily Wright
    Emily Wright Metropolitan Learning Center (6-12) more
  • Joe DePasqua
    Joe DePasqua Academy of Aerospace & Engineering (6-12) more
  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez Discovery Academy (PreK - 5) more
  • Chinma Uche
    Chinma Uche Academy of Aerospace & Engineering (6-12) more
  • Amanda Hull
    Amanda Hull more
  • Sarah Worley
    Sarah Worley more
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