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A CREC Education

CREC Schools draw students from Greater Hartford and beyond because of the many opportunities our programs offer, including:

  • Specific themes that allow students to identify, refine, and develop their talents and interests
  • Diverse learning communities that prepare students for living and working as global citizens
  • College immersion programs that give students an early college experience, including studying on campus and earning college credits
  • Career preparation programs that focus on skills to give students an advantage in applying for internships, jobs, and higher education
  • Real-world experiences that provide students with meaningful opportunities to apply what they have learned
  • Affiliation as NASA Explorer Schools and partnerships with area universities, industries and organizations
  • State-of-the-art facilities, many specially designed for CREC Schools, that encourage learning, community development, and collaboration

CREC Schools seek to live out the vision of the Capitol Region Education Council that every student can and shall learn at high levels. In addition to a challenging core curriculum, our schools offer a diverse environment, a personalized educational approach for each student, and a curriculum designed to spark a lasting appreciation for knowledge.



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