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About School Choice

What is Sheff vs. O’Neill?
Sheff vs. O’Neill is a Connecticut Supreme Court case involving a 1989 lawsuit filed by Elizabeth Horton Sheff and other parents on behalf of their children against Governor William A. O'Neill. The suit charged that Connecticut's system of separate city and suburban school districts led to racially segregated schools and a violation of their children's rights to an equal educational opportunity.

How many Sheff magnet schools exist?
There are 17 CREC magnet schools, 21 Hartford host magnet schools, 2 magnet schools operated by LEARN/Goodwin College, 2 host magnet schools operated by Bloomfield Public Schools, and 1 host magnet school operated by East Hartford.

CREC’s  Award Winning Magnet Schools are:

For more information on the magnet schools managed by Hartford, Goodwin College, Bloomfield and East Hartford, please click HERE.

About the Regional School Choice Office
The Regional School Choice Office, a branch of the State Department of Education, manages the lottery for all public school choice options for families in Connecticut. These options include magnet schools, the Hartford Region Open Choice Program, and the Connecticut Technical High School System. More information regarding the Regional School Choice Office is available at

2017-2018 School Year Lottery Dates:  November 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017

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About CREC Magnet Schools
CREC's Magnet Schools are leading the way in public education with theme-based programs that provide all students with college and career focused educational opportunities. With highly qualified teachers, cutting edge curricula and state-of-the-art buildings, CREC magnet schools give students from diverse backgrounds a chance to excel in ways that are designed to inspire and motivate.

Admission to CREC Schools is via a lottery managed by the Regional School Choice Office.

About the Hartford Region Open Choice Program (Formerly Project Concern)
Through the Open Choice Program, students from urban communities have the opportunity to attend public schools in suburban towns, and students from suburban towns can attend public schools in the Greater Hartford area at no cost to the student’s family.

Open Choice serves all children, including gifted and talented, English language learners, and special needs students. Students come from diverse racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. Many perform at rates that are higher than their peers statewide.

Admission to the Hartford Region Open Choice Program is via a lottery managed by the Regional School Choice Office.

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