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Where can I find inclement weather information?
New this year! Sign up NOW to receive text messages about bus delays and other important transportation information. Text Y to 68453 from any cell number on file for your child. Click here to learn about school closings, delays, and inclement weather policies.

If I apply into the lottery, and do not make it into a CREC school this year, am I automatically on the waiting list for next year?
No. The lottery for each year is for that year alone. Any future desire to be on the lottery would require you to reapply.

How will I know if my child will be provided transportation?
Transportation is offered in centrally located stops by zone. For more information, view our transportation guide.

What if my child has special health/care needs?
Our Health Services page has up to date information on CREC's services and policies.

How is admission into CREC Schools decided?
All seats are awarded through a lottery conducted annually by the Regional School Choice Office,

If I apply for a seat, when will I find out if my child can attend?

What are the tuition costs for families?
CREC Schools will remain tuition free for all families through the end of the 2017-2018 school year. In 2018-19, CREC Magnet Schools will begin charging tuition for preschool students. This change is the result of a state directive to charge families whose income exceeds 75% of Connecticut’s median household income. We estimate that more than half of our families will qualify for free preschool and will not be charged tuition. During this year, CREC will develop the specific details regarding the tuition process.

For more information about CREC Schools, visit the Our Schools page, read about the Application Process, or contact us.

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