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600 Slater Road
New Britain, CT 06053
Tel: (860) 223-0726
Fax: (860) 223-0742

Thank you for your interest in contacting the Academy of Science and Innovation. You may either contact us at our main number or select from the list of staff members below. 


Staff Name















Beth Rich


Administrative Assistant


860.223.0726  x7688


Karen Mooney


Assistant Principal, High School


860.223.0726  x7771


Sharon Silbo


Administrative Assistant


860.223.0726  x7744


Tasonn Haynes


Assistant Principal, Middle School


860.223.0726  x7665


Lauren LaVecchia


Dean of Students


860.223.0726  x7654


Rebecca Fortier




860.223.0726 x7603


Gina Gadue


Theme Coach/Instructional Specialist


860.223.0726  x7780


Crystal Caouette


S.T.E.M. Theme Coach


860.223.0726 x7615


Jennifer Asmar


School Counselor


860.223.0726  x7748


Megan Legassey


School Counselor


860.223.0726  x7654


Elizabeth Woods


School Counselor


860.223.0726  x7747


Shari McHale


School Counseling Secretary


860.223.0726  x7752


Michelle Lopez


School Social Worker 860.223.0726  x7750


How to apply
  • Contact Medical Professions & Teacher Preparation Academy Grades 6-10