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Opportunities are available for participation within the classroom, volunteering, and attendance at social and educational events. Communication is vital; parents are informed of daily classroom happenings, special events, curriculum, and assessments of their children. Input from parents, related to their child and the program, is welcome.

Parent Visits

Parents are always welcome at the Academy of Science and Innovation Pre K and we encourage you to "drop in" at anytime. Children and teachers enjoy having parents in the classroom. If you have an interest or talent you would like to share, please inform your child's teacher so he or she can arrange a time for you and help you plan for a successful classroom experience.

Parent Conferences

Sharing information about a child's adjustment, development, and activities at school is informative for parents and helpful to teachers in planning. Conferences will be held twice a year in the fall and spring. However, parents may request a conference with the child's teacher at any time during the school year. A time will be arranged that is mutually convenient for the parents and teacher.

Parent Information

Parents receive daily communication as well as a monthly newsletter from the program highlighting upcoming events and school activities. Specific activities to enhance literacy are included. Open House occurs at the beginning of each school year. Information regarding local events is available at the Center.

Transition Planning

The staff will assist children and families with the transition to kindergarten. Communication will occur between the preschool teachers and the kindergarten teachers. There will be a variety of classroom activities to help prepare students for the transition to kindergarten. Stories will be shared and students will spend time learning about their new school.

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