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International Magnet School for Global Citizenship (PK3-5th)
Nguyet Tinh, Principal
Tel: (860) 291-6001
Fax: (860) 289-0383
625 Chapel Road
South Windsor, CT 06074



For absences and dismissal changes please email:  
Name: Position: Email:
Nguyet Tinh Principal
Jessica Gruttola Assistant Principal
Deborah Colbath Office Manager
Stephanie Lukacs Administrative Assistant
Elena Rodriguez Office Assistant/Global Explorers Billing
Colleen Webber Nurse
Name: Position: Email:
Shana Beaudoin PK Teacher
Karen Maxwell PK Teacher
Ashley Simko PK Teacher
Jane Soto PK Teacher
Samantha Straker Co-PK Teacher
Heather Dinowitz Co-PK Teacher/Special Education
Felicia Archie Kindergarten Teacher
Sharon Mabey Kindergarten Teacher
Amy Neureither Kindergarten Teacher
Kara Filmer 1st Grade Teacher
Kyle Lewis 1st Grade Teacher
Kara Zdrojeski 1st Grade Teacher
Heather Bergeron 2nd Grade Teacher
Jennifer Paneccasio 2nd Grade Teacher
Christa Zaldivar 2nd Grade Teacher
Kimbelry Alvarado 3rd Grade Teacher
Kelly Palaia 3rd Grade Teacher
Kristina Polce 3rd Grade Teacher
Lisa Coletti 4th Grade Teacher
Summer Myles 4th Grade Teacher
Lena Pacheco 4th Grade Teacher
Jennifer Shannon 5th Grade Teacher
John Stewart 5th Grade Teacher
Kathleen Twyman 5th Grade Teacher
Name: Position: Email:
Zhengjie Guo Mandarin Teacher (3rd-5th)
Sarah Harmonay Music Teacher
Linda Marchisio Library/Media Specialist
Michele Reveruzzi-White Art Teacher
Carolyn Sloan Physical Education Teacher
Kristen Vrabie Spanish Teacher
Jennifer Zirbel Instrumental Teacher
Name: Position: Email:
Kristina Borruso Associate Instructor
Erica Callahan Social Worker
Catherine Chalk Associate Instructor
Sabiha Choudhury Associate Instructor
Maria Connors  Associate Instructor
Michael Gonzalez Associate Instructor
Jessica Gruttola IB/PYP Coordinator
Kelly Hosein Associate Instructor
Stephanie Johnson Associate Instructor
Polly Miller Associate Instructor
Stephanie Moran Literacy Specialist
Millie Mueller Behavorial Specialist/Family Liason
Jon Ramos Associate Instructor
Teresa Richard Associate Instructor
Julie Shive Special Education Teacher
Kimbely Szatkowski Speech & Language Pathologist
Janet Thrall Associate Instructor
Lorna Velez English Language Learner Teacher
Alison Ward Special Education Teacher
Elizabeth Wicks Literacy Specialist
Kathleen Yanez Literacy Coach
Name: Position: Email:
Patricia Ballard PK Paraprofessional-Mrs. Soto
Carissa Benevides Kindergarten Paraprofessional-Ms. Neureither
Victoria Gonzales PK Paraprofessional-Mrs. Straker
Daymalee Granado PK Paraprofessional-Ms. Beaudoin
Felecia Green-Alexander 1:1 Paraprofessional-Ms. Archie
Timothy Kennedy 1:1 Paraprofessional-Ms. Neureither
Kimberly Little PK Paraprofessional-Mrs. Simko
Javier Matos 1:1 Paraprofessional-Mrs. Palaia
Sam Sipala Kindergarten Paraprofessional-Ms. Archie
Jamaal Smith 1:1 Paraprofessional-Mrs. Pacheco
Joyette Solomon PK Paraprofessional-Ms. Maxwell
Matthew Whitaker Kindergarten Paraprofessional-Mrs. Mabey
Food Services:    
Name: Position: Email:
Penelope Murphy Lunch Coordinator
Mary Wilcox Kitchen Supervisor
Name: Position: Email:
Penelope Murphy Aftercare Coordinator
Britney Gardner Aftercare Asst.
Alisha Holt Aftercare Asst.
Timothy Kennedy Aftercare Asst.
Veronica Lott Aftercare Asst.
Javier Matos Aftercare Asst.
Adam Morse Aftercare Asst.
Sandra Murray Aftercare Asst.
Kevin Paradise Aftercare Asst.
Teresa Richard Aftercare Asst.
Alontra Robinson Aftercare Asst.
Keishla Santiago Aftercare Asst.
Micai Tucker Aftercare Asst.



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