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At the Public Safety Academy, we have high academic expectations and view parent participation as a key to the success of our students. Students will develop leadership skills, an appreciation for cultural diversity, and an understanding of and a commitment to serving the community in a public safety career.


School Uniform Requirements:

Please see the "Student & Family Handbook" for a full description of the CREC PSA Uniform policy.

At Public Safety Academy, student appearance is part of the school pride. Our classic school uniform is simple and allows all students to be dressed similarly, thereby limiting the normal peer pressure that is associated with attire. At the same time, all students will look and feel like they are part of one CREC PSA team, while supporting a productive learning environment for all.




Read about internships and work study opportunities available at PSA, and programs for students to take college courses in criminal justice and fire safety technology.



Access the school handbook and other helpful documents to help you learning more about policies, programs, and what to expect during the school year.

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