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Testimonial1.pngOur two kids are attending the Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary Magnet School. We were very happy with the academic and social growth we have seen in our kids since enrolling at the school.

We are also very pleased with the arts integration that is happening at the school every day. Our children sing, dance, and can explain to us what they were learning in various ways.

Most of the time they pretend they are their teachers while playing. That’s how much they are impressed by their teachers.

The parent teacher organization is strong and there is ongoing close communication between the school and families.

I couldn’t ask for anything more for my child. 

Roshan Fathima

Testimonial2br.pngWe felt so fortunate to find the Ana Grace Arts Academy. Our son, Raviv, started going in 2013 as a first grader. From the time Raviv was a very small child it was clear that his interests were firmly planted in the arts. From art and music to drama and dance, Raviv always chose to spend his time engaged in artistic activities. 

Since he began attending Ana Grace a little over a year ago, he has become an incredibly happy little boy, always excited to attend school, and looking forward to which ever specials he has that day. Although Dance is his favorite medium at the moment, he enjoys all of the arts classes that the school offers and revels in the luxury of being in an arts environment which feels like his proper home.
We were so impressed with our entire school experience last year that we decided to enroll our daughter as well. Ma’ayan started attending the pre-k 4 class at Ana Grace this year. Although she does not seem to have my son's clearly focused interest in the arts, I know that she looks forward to the arts specials that she gets to attend every day.
I also really like that the entire academic curriculum has an arts slant. While it seems that many schools are moving away from the creative projects that once comprised their curriculum, I feel very fortunate to have my children at a school where creativity is embraced and the teachers work hard to find ways to integrate the arts into the curriculum. For example, last year, during the butterfly unit, as well as observing the process of the butterfly and taking part in typical science curriculum about butterflies, the class also wrote poems and worked with their storyteller artist instructor to create a dramatic interpretation about the life of the butterfly.
Grae Sibelman 

Testimonial3bL.pngAna Grace Academy of the Arts is the perfect school for my children. Mrs. Phelan is wonderful and greets every parent that enters the building. As my children say, “She is the boss of the school”.  

The building is beautiful and I know I will be even more impressed once we have our permanent location. Upon walking into the school I feel comfortable leaving my children there for the day.
The staff is amazing, and I am so impressed in the way that they care for all of the children. The lines of communications are always open between parents and teachers.
If your child is ahead of their current grade, teachers work on challenging the students more. The students are diverse and come from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The students are friendly, and they treat each other with respect even if they are "different." Parents are highly involved at school and in the education of their children.
I enjoy the Intermezzo performances as we get to see firsthand what our children are working on with their artist instructors. Overall, it is a fantastic school!  
Susan Smith

Testimonial4r.pngWe chose to apply to the Ana Grace Academy of the Arts because of the integration of the arts into the curriculum. As parents, we feel that exposure to the arts is essential to learning and growing.

Our experiences over the past 3 years have most definitely exceeded our expectations. Our children have had the benefit of participating in ballet, tap, violin, singing, drama, world music, drawing, painting, sculpture and the list goes on and on.

The focus on the arts has encouraged them to find their individual interests and to help them develop confidence.

As a parent, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you children love school and are getting the highest quality education. We have three children enrolled in the school (and our fourth will start next year) and we have been so impressed with the teachers, staff and administration. 

Each of our children have unique interests, strengths and areas of focus. The teachers and staff do a fantastic job of understanding the children as individuals, identifying their strengths and areas of focus, and encouraging them to explore their individual interests.

We are so thankful for the opportunity for our children to learn
and grow at the Ana Grace Academy of the Arts!  

Nicole Martel & David Levesque

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