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School begins at 7:30 a.m. and students are dismissed at 2:45 p.m. The high school’s agenda assignment book will be issued to each student the first day of school.   The agenda will serve as a daily assignment book and students are required to record all assignments for each class in it.  For parents, the agenda serves as a sure-fire way to communicate directly with teachers.  Teachers and parents can write and initial notes back and forth.

Two Rivers Magnet High School offers a comprehensive food program for all students. The cost of breakfast is $1.75 per day and hot lunch will cost $3.00 per day. Free and reduced breakfast and lunch are available for those families who fill out the application and meet the Federal guidelines. If you need an application please contact Erica Rodriguez at

Your child’s uniform contact is Novel Tees located at:
81 Tolland Turnpike
Manchester, CT 06042

Students must purchase a backpack with a computer storage compartment for their school issued laptop.  These backpacks will be used in the classroom.

How to Prepare for Success at TRMHS

Organizational Skills
Students' organizational skills become increasingly important for the achievement of success during the coming school years.  School supplies which effectively assist in organization are a great asset for each student.  Based upon our experience with student needs, we have included a list of supplies needed to start the year.

We have found that trapper keepers and spiral notebooks are not successful organizational tools.  A notebook serves as a supplemental textbook; therefore it is necessary for students to have it in class each day.  Frequently, additional materials are given to the students to assist them in their learning.  These materials can only be organized effectively in a three ring binder.

All homework is designed to extend learning experiences and to stimulate pupils to study independently.  It is recognized that pupils work at different rates and with varying degrees of efficiency.  These factors are considered when assignments are made. 

Several teachers in the various subject areas coordinate homework. Each teacher has the responsibility for setting reasonable limits on the requirements for preparation beyond class time.  This is done in cooperation with other teachers.

Class time is provided for supervised study to ensure thorough understanding of assignments and efficient work habits. Time at home should be set aside for the completion of assigned work. It should be expected that ninth graders will have approximately one to one and a half hours of homework each night.
It is most important that students complete all homework assignments by the due date. Hastily completed assignments of poor quality, and partially completed assignments seriously detract from student learning. Students are expected to complete these assignments conscientiously; your supervision of this important aspect of their learning can help them achieve greater success in school.  If it appears that homework assignments take much longer than the time mentioned above, then a problem may exist.  Please call the school if you have any concerns in this area.

Other Tips for Students and Parents

1. Get Organized - Come to class with all necessary books (including your agenda), three ring binder, pencils, pens, calculator, notebooks, and an independent reading book. Write down assignments in your agenda.  Keep you notebook neat and organized by subject.

2.  Be Attentive in Class - Stay focused on what is happening in the classroom. Take good notes, ask questions when you are confused about something (chances are, if you are confused, so are others).

3.  Get Involved - There are many clubs, councils, and organizations at Two Rivers Magnet High School. Get involved!  It will greatly enhance your high school experience.

4.  Set Aside Quiet Time for Homework - Block some time at home to do homework. If you establish a routine, you will discipline yourself to complete assignments.

5. Preparation for Classwork and Homework - All written assignments, except math, are to be submitted in pen. Cursive writing is preferred. The use of a word processor is encouraged. Pages torn from a spiral notebook are not acceptable and all assignments must include a proper heading.

6.  Set Goals
- Decide on what you want to accomplish at Two Rivers Magnet High School and then develop a plan to achieve it.  Remember a dream is only a dream until you write it down.  Once it is written down it becomes a goal!

7.  Never Quit
- Don’t underestimate yourself. If you are having trouble with something ask for help. We are here for you.

8.  Follow the School Rules
- There is so much to do! You can’t afford to hold yourself back.  We can’t allow you to hold others back.

9.  Have Fun
- The intellectual, social and physical aspects of high school can be very enjoyable, if you have the right attitude.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. 



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