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Our teachers, family and community partners work together to ensure that learning is relevant for all students, honoring who we are today and who we hope to become during our time here. By asking many questions, exploring relationships between the old and the new, keeping an open mind and cultivating a creative spirit, we seek to create a dynamic environment where anything is possible.

Parent Testimonial:
As a parent of a student in Grade 8 at Two Rivers Middle School, I was one of the parent chaperones on the Research field trip Cape Cod run by Mr. Smith and Ms. Hazen.  This is his third trip my son has been to research Cape Cod. I want to express how impressed I was with this group of 8th graders and the amazing relationships Mr. Smith and Ms. Hazen have fostered with these students, many of whom have been on their previous Cape Cod research trips. Mr. Smith is able to weave scientific facts and terminology into stories that capture their imagination and  create learning moments for these kids without them even knowing it!   

In addition to the individual research projects, it was so inspiring to see the social learning and cooperation amongst the students.  If a student found a piece of data or artifact that would be helpful for another’s research project, they made a point to save it.  It was heartening to see each of the students mix and blend interchangeably amongst others and create “judgment free zones” as one student called it. Ms. Hazen was an amazing role model when a student pointed out a continuous flow of air bubbles in part of the Wellfleet marsh, she took off her shoes and socks, waded into the ankle deep water and started positing theories on what type of creature or phenomenon could be causing the air bubbles while she was digging and investigating. 

Mr. Smith and Ms. Hazen create an environment where learning is truly exciting and there were so many moments that became teaching opportunities on a research trip like this one.  This experience truly embodies the values of naturalistic and  environmental science. 

I wanted to thank the administration along with Mr. Smith and Ms. Hazen for this opportunity for these students.  


Laura Saunders


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Field experiences, mentoring, the Math Olympiad, a jazz lab and partnerships with area businesses are some of the highlights of studying at Two Rivers.

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